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White Privilege in Social Media

Blog by: Snickle Fritz Various movements over the years such as the waves of feminism as well as anti-racist movements have pushed the limits and conquered many feats in the progress towards equality for all genders and races. However, social … Continue reading

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Eating Disorders: Spreading Globally like Wildfire

Hello blog world! I’m Chairman Meow, and for my first GNDS125 post I will talk about the spread of eating disorders. The issue of eating disorders is one that has always been present in Western culture. According to the South … Continue reading

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Female Athletes: Sex, Gender & Racial Socialization in Professional Sports

Posted by: Pink Panther Children are socialized into their gender roles at an early age. Boys participate in masculine activities, while girls participate in feminine activities. There are distinct differences in roles, responsibilities, and expectations of boys and girls: or … Continue reading

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Gender Roles and Language

Post By: Professor McGonagall Lately I have become fascinated by the concept of gender roles and the gravity of their implication on our everyday lives. When deciding what clothes to wear or how to greet someone, I would like to … Continue reading

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Gender Socialization, Children’s Toys and Monkeys

Post by Frisky Whiskers. When we say gender is a social construct we’re talking about how society has shaped us so that we may put on a performance of who we are. This performance is fluid in the fact that … Continue reading

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