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Oppression and the Muslim Woman

Since we were on the topic of Islamophobia in lecture, I thought it would only be appropriate to touch on the recent laws made in France banning face veils in public. There is some very intense debate on whether this … Continue reading

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Islamophobia and Dispelling Hatred

Islamophobia has several debated meanings, but the most common one is an irrational fear of Muslim persons which often leads to discriminatory practices regarding Muslims and the exclusion of Muslims from mainstream society. The term Islamphobia may be a misnomer … Continue reading

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A Live Blogging Experience of “I Am Jazz: A Family in Transition”

At the beginning when they introduce Jazz, she looks very happy and carefree, like your average 11 year-old girl Jazz’s mother (Jeanette) uses an incorrect pronoun (‘he’ came), but corrects herself Text states that Jazz is born with gender identity … Continue reading

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Fan Fiction and the Creative Urge

Long have humans revealed in the worlds created by others, from Homer’s The Odyssey to folklores told by travelling bards. These stories enriched societies and in some cases became so tied with culture that variations of the stories still exist … Continue reading

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Eating Disorders: Spreading Globally like Wildfire

Hello blog world! I’m Chairman Meow, and for my first GNDS125 post I will talk about the spread of eating disorders. The issue of eating disorders is one that has always been present in Western culture. According to the South … Continue reading

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Gender Socialization, Children’s Toys and Monkeys

Post by Frisky Whiskers. When we say gender is a social construct we’re talking about how society has shaped us so that we may put on a performance of who we are. This performance is fluid in the fact that … Continue reading

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