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Islamphobia in America

What is Islamaphobia?Islamaphobia is most commonly known as the fear of all Muslim people. This fear is often seen through acts of hatred and the discrimination of the Muslim community (including their practices, faiths and citizens) from mainstream society.   … Continue reading

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Gay Discrimination right in our Backyards

Previously, I had posted on the unfolding homosexual controversy of the Pope’s resignation. The Catholic faith has many strict ideals, one of those being that homosexuality is an evil sin, and something that is not believed in. This is all … Continue reading

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“I am Jazz” Reflection

What a cute little girl. Feeling a lot of happiness from her.   –          Tight knit family, always going out and spending time together. –          Gender identity disorder? Since when did being different become a difference. –          She’s very confident … Continue reading

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Homosexuality in the Vatican

News headlines have recently been exploding with controversy over the real reason for the Pope’s resignation. Although not coming at this from a religious point of view, nor any prior religious background, I found it very interesting. The cover story … Continue reading

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