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Female Performance and White Privilege in Marvel’s The Avengers

Inspired by the popular films that grace the silver screen and our recent lecture, this post will focus on the female performance of militarized masculinity along with the concept of white privilege in the movie The Avengers. The comic-inspired adventure … Continue reading

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Live Blogging Experience: “I Am Jazz”

–       Close family, worried about each other. Dad explains they are all “proud of each other” –       Jazz seems happy, optimistic, adorable –       Loving family from all perspectives: mother adores her children When speaking about Jazz she mistakenly refers to … Continue reading

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My Very Invisible Knapsack

When I was first introduced to the concept of “white privilege”, like many, I was in denial about the fact that being white provided me with an inherent advantage in many different aspects of my life. However, after being exposed … Continue reading

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Eating Disorders, Self Image, and Female University Students

What stops us from opening up our minds and changing our perceived ideas about what is “beauty”? Society has constructed a set of collectively learned criteria that will categorize each and every person as pretty, ugly, skinny, fat, desirable, and … Continue reading

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