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The Steubenville Rape Case and The “Not-Rape Epidemic”

The Steubenville rape case is a trial covering a rape that occurred back in August 2012 in Steubenville, Ohio. The victim was a 16 year-old girl and the convicted perpetrators are two 16-year-old boys, although there were reportedly many others … Continue reading

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The Big Picture with Thom Harttman: Islamophobia

The following video is an episode of Thom Harttman’s The Big Picture on Islamophobia in America, and the questions below are a response to the first 13 or so minutes of it. What is Islamophobia? Islamophobia is defined as a … Continue reading

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A Live Blogging Experience of “I Am Jazz: A Family in Transition”

At the beginning when they introduce Jazz, she looks very happy and carefree, like your average 11 year-old girl Jazz’s mother (Jeanette) uses an incorrect pronoun (‘he’ came), but corrects herself Text states that Jazz is born with gender identity … Continue reading

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Oh Canada, Our True North Strong and Free!

Countries all over the world often come to be associated with distinct identities due to the perpetuation of specific stereotypes through mainstream media. This can be done in either a positive or a negative manner. For example, Americans can be … Continue reading

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