Islamphobia in America

What is Islamaphobia?
Islamaphobia is most commonly known as the fear of all Muslim people. This fear is often seen through acts of hatred and the discrimination of the Muslim community (including their practices, faiths and citizens) from mainstream society.  

Islamophobia as a misnomer?

Islamophobia, like homophobia, can be seen as a misnomer due to the fact that the ‘irrational fear’ felt by islamophobics is often questionable. It is unclear whether islamophobics are fearful of all Muslim people, or if like many homophobics, they just possess some sort of hatred towards these individuals or their practices. 


This is how islamphobic individuals view those individuals who fit the stereotype of the ‘man in the turban’. 

What did Rais Bhuiyan’s attacker say before he shot him? How did this make you feel and why?

Before Bhuiyan’s attacker shot him, he asked “where are you from?” Speaking from shear honesty, this made me feel sick to my stomach. The fact that a man could walk into a gas station, with no intent of committing a robbery crime, however, the intent of committing a hate crim. This is baffling to me, and disgusting. No person deserves to be treated differently, never mind SHOT IN THE HEAD, on account of mistakes and crimes that have been made by individuals of the same colour.

Late last year, the tragic school shooting in Connecticut occurred killing 28 people, 20 of those being children. Who was the evil man behind this plan? Like most, I don’t know ‘who’ exactly this man is, however, I know he is WHITE. Following this shooting, there was no occurrence of an individual walking into a store, and asking the white cashier clerk where s/he was from, and then continuing to shoot them. The criminal actions of a group of individuals who are the same colour does not define ALL individuals of that colour. That is simply not the way the world works!!!! Although, I’m sure many would disagree…

The individual who shot Rais Bhuiyan was put to death and Bhuiyan said that was the wrong thing to do. Why?

Bhuiyan feels that this was the wrong this to do for the soul purpose that hate and killing is NOT a solution to acts of hate crime. In all faiths, the transcripts about killing and forgiveness all claim that killing is a sin, and forgiveness is the best policy. It is not a solution to fix hate crime with more killing. As an individual, Bhuiyan has been a witness and victim of hate crimes and claims that he has mentally, physically and emotionally grown from these, and has not resorted to more violence as a solution. By killing the shooter, the hate crime is just being solved with more violence instead of focusing on and solving the root of the problem, which is prejudice and discrimination against social groups lying outside of the social norm. Bhuiyan believes that forgiveness is the best policy, and after forgiveness, you can begin to move forward looking for real solutions to the problem, not death sentencing. Ie. Would be more powerful to keep shooter alive so that he could explain why NOT to follow in his path of hate and discrimination.  

According to Corey Saylor, what other religion/ethnic/racial groups have been targeted by the United States government for being dangerous?

According to Saylor, Anti-Muslim groups target those who fall under the Muslim stereotype, or otherwise known as ‘the man in the turban’. Social groups who fall under this category, such as Sikh, are often found as victims of hate crimes towards the Muslim community. As a result of US policies and media, anyone who appears to be connected or have relation to the Muslim community is discriminated against and often publicly hated.

What is xenophobia?

Xenophobia is the irrational fear of things that are foreign to you. This is often seen as the irrational fear of individuals from countries, cultures or religions that are foreign to your own. Therefore, Islamphobia falls into this phobia category. 

Islamophobia is a phobia just like many others, rooted in hate and discomfort as opposed to true irrational fear. It needs to stop, as all Muslim individuals are NOT the same, just as all white individuals are NOT the same.  

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